6 months of development side by side : AndroidGaming

Excellent appear and quite good development, I see you put a good deal of particulars and touches for the duration of the time body, as other stated, neither looks undesirable at all! In reality I persuade you to use the cool qualifications the deeper you development in the operate or match if is unlimited runner, or if its mission, level and so forth, you can almost certainly use the suitable aspect qualifications for deeper degrees. I would go and say if its possible ( not confident what engine you employing, appears to be like Unity? Perhabs tweaking the coloration strategies for other degrees or as you development via the match, to give it a good alter of surroundings without a lot extra operate, aka alter coloration pallete via development or degrees, ex: the sky is orange then flooring is inexperienced and so forth and so forth.

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Other than that, this sort of online games want a good musical topic, I am curious to see what you have finished or would/will do in the sound and soundFX division. Techno? Melodic? It is significant to have almost certainly a loop new music that does not experience like a loop, if it makes sense, or atleast clean up sound results that blend with gameplay. Idk I guess I treatment about qualifications new music or Forex much more than I need to haha

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