Downloaded Fling Fighters over the weekend and here is my short review of it : AndroidGaming

Was looking for a game that I can enjoy with my son. We liked Tremendous Smash Bros. When I see Fling Fighters and the point that it has PVP mode, I resolved to give it a try.

The game started out enjoyment. You fling whichever product you are keeping (diverse character hold diverse items) and just throw it to hit your enemy. Your throw is guided by an ever-switching guided dotted line.

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However, the game rapidly becomes really laborous. Real that you can unlock people, having said that, these people do not offer a great deal variety in phrases of gameplay intelligent. These that I have unlocked observe the exact mechanic.

Then it gets even worse, if you would like to up grade your character, it will price quality forex which they never give too a great deal both. At the quite the very least, I would be expecting an alternative to up grade with smooth forex + time.

The game also has ads soon after quite a few battles.

All in all, it is satisfying in the commencing, but rapidly becomes stale soon after a number of several hours.

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