Hate Donald Trump? Play Trump Space Invaders then

Trump Android

Do you seriously despise Donald Trump? Perfectly why not channel it positively and play Trump House Invaders. It is generally like employing a punching bag with your worst enemy’s face on it.


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It does exactly as it claims on the tin, and provides a bunch of floating Trump faces to blast into pieces. They yell stuff out at you as properly, providing you excess drive.

Blast Donald Trump to pieces in Trump House Invaders out now

Your serious mission is to shield the White Dwelling however, as Trump is desperately making an attempt to invade it. It most likely evokes how Obama felt to the end of his presidency.

There are even Trump bosses to defeat, which provide as additional of a challenge. See how significantly you can go and test and conquer yours, and other’s, substantial rating.

Trump House Invaders is out correct now on Android, so go ahead and grab it on Google Play.

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