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So, the title never lie, Mirkowanie is not a normal sport, it is, hm, I never know, a single day I could not slumber at 4AM, I wanted to make a some outrageous sport, and I arrive into idea, of earning sport about… Web site, certainly.

My sport is about polish website “Wykot”, it is some thing like Reddit (but a lot less intelligent, can destruction your mind, much more fun). It is really just specific put with a special community, just individuals make on it articles + share articles.

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So what we can do in “Mirkowanie”?:

  • Delete account (Status, but it only reset shop updates, everything else stay).
  • Acquire updates.
  • Do risiky actions (xx% opportunity to get 2x focus, xx% opportunity to lose all)
  • Examine (amusing texts)
  • Consider different selections (let us say, there is issue and certainly/no, and 1 from 20 matters can take place :-}).
  • Collect different medals, lenny faces
  • And most significant, sport is itself is complete parody, parody for polish world-wide-web/Wykot website and other matters.
  • And a lot much more :-}

So I was building this sport, for the reason that I wanted to have community do some thing fun + also sport acquired education goal. I’m 19, i risk gamedev as a passion, sport never acquired IAP, acquired produced with $ funds 🙁


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