Point and click sequel Rusty Lake Paradise is out now

Rusty Lake Paradise Android

Rusty Lake Paradise is the latest sequel in the position and click adventure franchise, Rusty Lake. It just launched on Google Play, joining former games Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake Roots.

Paradise picks up wherever the former remaining off, and follows Jakob as he returns to the island next his mother’s death. However, the island is now cursed and you have to obtain a way to save it.

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Rusty Lake Paradise is the latest in the adventure franchise out now on Android

This is not just any outdated curse both. In point, it is the 10 plagues of Egypt – so a pretty undesirable curse by all accounts. To avert it, you have to obtain your mother’s reminiscences and perform a bunch of rituals.

It may just be that the developer was a minimal hasty in describing this as paradise. It actually appears like hell on earth, but the cutesy visuals do make it additional palatable.

If this all appears like enjoyment to you, head on about to Google Play to seize it appropriate now. We’ve also provided backlinks to the other online games in the opening paragraph if you want to play catch up.

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