Rudrahp72’s Cool Games List for Attractive Androids, Part 1 : AndroidGaming

I manufactured a post a when again dumping a record of games I felt have been excellent, and truly worth people’s time(and funds). Nonetheless, lots of people pointed out that a basic record of names wasn’t going to help just about anything. They are suitable. So heres the record again, this time with information.


Genre: Platformer

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: Exceptional gameplay, excellent art style, excellent music, enjoyment progression, IAPs are not desired at all. I love this video game so significantly. It’s pretty significantly the pinnacle of Android gaming.

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Cons: Uhh…. the ads, I guess? Critically, this video game is as near as you are going to get to ‘perfect’ for a cellular video game. I just wish there was a sequel.

Website link.

Knowledge Wing

Genre: Racer/ Puzzle

Value: Absolutely free, no IAP

Pros: Great, touching story, slick gameplay, great Tron-esque aesthetic. This is a labor of love by the dev, and it reveals.

Cons: Understanding curve is a bit steep. Also may possibly bug out and crash.

Website link.

Shadow Struggle 2: Distinctive Version

Genre: Fighter/ RPG

Value: Compensated, with IAP.($4.99 USD)

Pros: Slick fighting mechanics, attention-grabbing story, and badass soundtrack. They generally took the free of charge video game, taken off some grindiness, extra additional story. A very good offer, in particular considering that the sequel is trash.

Cons: There’s Even now IAP, however it’s not truly desired. There’s also no multiplayer part, like the free of charge video game.

Website link.

Sky Power Reloaded

Genre: Leading down shooter/ Bullet Hell

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: This video game helps make grinding for funds enjoyment. That’s how very good the gameplay is. Increase a dance-worthy soundtrack, fantastic replay price, and pretty graphics into the blend, and you have received on your own a winner.

Cons: The grinding could possibly be enjoyment, but there is certainly a Lot of it. There’s a bajillion upgrades, and you need to have them all to absolutely conquer the video game.

Website link.

Sword of Xolan

Genre: Platformer

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: Pleasant, retro art style. Gameplay feels satisfying, and the level style is very good, with strategies and once in a while a number of paths.

Cons: The video game can get unreasonably difficult. The difficulty all of a sudden spikes for a specified section in some levels.

Website link.

Boson X

Genre: Runner.(kinda endless)

Value: Compensated, no IAP($2.99 USD)

Pros: No powerups. No RNG. Just you, your reflexes, and the bomb-ass soundtrack from 18 progressively tricky levels.

Cons: Hair-tearingly, Soul-crushingly tricky.

Website link.

Alto’s Adventure

Genre: Endless Runner

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: Calming, charming music and artstyle. Basic, intuitive gameplay. Good for when you just want to take it easy.

Cons: The grindiness that is inherent to the style.

Website link.

Sorcery! Collection


Value:Compensated, no IAPs($4.99 USD each)

Pros: Exceptional story, special overcome program, choices make a difference, building it replayable, each video game builds on the very last, permitting for 1 steady run throughout all of them.

Cons: The papercut art, and stilted animation just isn’t for anyone. The deficiency of a full soundtrack can also get disconcerting.

Website link.


Genre: Endless Runner/Puzzle

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: A special take on endless runners- you have to remedy puzzles progressively a lot quicker to preserve your dude, and there are even puzzle bossfights. The relaxed soundtrack also can help in acquiring a zen-like condition. Illustration of IAPs performed suitable- All beauty, no gameplay boosts.

Cons:RNG can fuck you about baaaad.

Website link.


Genre: Approach/RPG

Value: Absolutely free, no IAP

Pros: Quite, very very good overcome program. A weak celebration can defeat a more powerful foe by way of clever practices- mindlessly grinding to improve is not often vital. Also, the handdrawn-esque art style is adorable.

Cons: Understanding curve very steep. Some mechanics basically aren’t described to you, and you have to figure it out on your own.

Website link.

Dash Quest

Genre: Runner/RPG

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: Quite reminiscent of a SNES RPG- artstyle, music, even element of the gameplay. Quite satisfying, with a decent array of verying machines to use, enemies to struggle, and zones to explore. Even has minigames.

Cons: Again, grinding. It’s generally grinding. By no means lupus, however.

Website link.


Genre: Approach

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: Quite great tiny technique video game. Application is very small, artstyle is basic but effective, and overcome generally arrives down to getting sensible.

Cons: The 1 point keeping this video game again forma top rated ranking is the god-dreadful energy program. All right, I get it, it’s a free of charge video game, you want people to artificially lengthen participate in time to demonstrate more ads, but how did you close up with a program more obnoxious than the kinds in gacha games?

Website link.


Genre: Endless….. Beat? Not quite confident how to classify this.

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: Several figures, each with their own special gameplay spin. Basic, intuitive controls. Adorable chibi pixel art style. Energetic soundtrack.

Cons: ♫ All all-around me is acquainted grinding, so significantly grinding, only grinding…♫

Website link.

The Fancy Trousers Adventures

Genre: Platformer

Value: Absolutely free with IAP

Pros: It’s Mutha. Fuckin. Fancy Trousers. Even has the first flash video game trilogy as unlockables. (If you never know what Fancy Trousers is, go participate in the flash games suitable now. You is not going to regret it.)

Cons: Gamepllay-improve IAPs. Why? You have been so near to surpassing Swordigo as THE great cellular video game!

Website link.

The Bard’s Tale

Genre: RPG/ Adventure

Value:Compensated, with IAP($2.99 USD)

Pros: At first a Pc video game, it was ported about to cellular, and hence capabilities some bells and whistles commonly missing from cellular games- full voice performing, extravagant graphics, branching paths. The dialog is sharp and witty, the gameplay enjoyment, and as a reward, has the first DOS Bard’s Tale trilogy as an unlock.

Cons: Really don’t keep in mind what the IAP was for, but it would not need to have them, I’m confident.

Website link.

Kingdom Hurry collection

Genre: Approach/Tower defense

Value: Compensated(besides for the very first video game, which is free of charge with IAP)

Pros: Adorable art style, wonderful music, satisfying levels which have a number of viable win layouts, slight replay price

Cons: Very well….. the IAP, truly. Characters are sometimes locked guiding paywall, and there is certainly gameplay improve stuff as well.

Website link.

Update the Sport 2

Genre: ????????

Value: Absolutely free, no IAP

Pros: The whole principle is, you start out with one thing that looks like another person had a seizure in MS Paint, and by way of taking part in a minigame, you receive funds to improve everyhting- menus, graphics, audio consequences, the minigame by itself, into one thing satisfactory.

Cons: You need to have dedication. You can expect to be taking part in a extended, extended time to improve all the things to it’s greatest levels.

Website link.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Genre: Idle Clicker

Value: Absolutely free, with IAP

Pros: I despise idle clickers. They are the bane of cellular gaming. At the very least gacha games give you waifus(or husbandos). This 1 is an exception. It’s witty. It’s self-conscious. It attempts to vary the monotonous character of the clicker style. It allows you receive the high quality forex at a confined rate as opposed to juts acquiring it. All right, it’s not extremely special about other idle games, I just like this 1.

Cons: For all it’s very good factors,it’s continue to a clicker. A grindfest. And IAPs galore.

Website link.

That’s all for now, individuals. Keep an eye out for when I subsequent update? I’m your host, Rudrahp72, and I’ll see you subsequent time on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Rudrahp72’s Awesome Games List for Beautiful Androids!

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