What game do you wish someone would make? : AndroidGaming

I have been contemplating about it a lot these days as I have been seeking additional into new video games and indie devs. Sadly in this article on cell it really is generally additional of the similar detail all over again and all over again. Some styles of video games are just simpler to make.

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So what would you like to see?

The recreation I seriously want is an aged zelda like recreation (major down see) that feels additional like a Skyrim. With open entire world exploration and facet quests that can be superior than the principal quest. Guilds, wars, towns and cites, dungeons, significant bad baddies and the total 9 yards… Ahh but I can desire 🙂

Also in which do you all go for new video games moreover the store? How do you locate the very good kinds? I’m guessing in this article is the finest respond to. (I have discovered a couple of many thanks to you fellas)

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